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We develop the transmedia children’s platform


For children from 7 to 13 years old.

The exciting and fascinating experiental world of the multimedia platform prepares the children in a playful way for the challenges of our new age of media.

With thrilling crime adventures placed in cultural and nature environments, the platform leads the children into our multicultural global world and weaves them interactively into the stories.


Transmedia Children Platform

The platform online address: www.jippie.life
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Short information film (5’:30”) covering our transmedia children’s platform. Please click on CC-Button for English subtitles.

"Klick-Tipp"-video from "Jippie Webportals für Kinder, Jugendschutz.Net"

At the Poetic Service Station: this is the home of the family Von Bostel-Ag La’isch.

Pack the bags, using the minigames – and then they are well equipped to go on an adventure with Magic Moggie

Exciting adventures far from home: check out the graphic novels that are linked with integrated online games!

Web children’s talk show (detail of Bistro)

Making of the web children’s talk show in the Green-Screen TV Studio

Scene with Grandpa, Tarek and Freia in Magic Moggie at the Poetic Service Station — Grandpa raps!


Footage showing the Transmedia platform and the children’s web portal JIPPIE.LIFE

Kinder beim Testen

180 kids from 5th and 6th grades of the IGS in Celle had a lot of fun and excitement when they tested the games in our poetic service station with the Sumatra Adventure. The result? “More please! When is the next adventure coming out? We didn’t have to disappoint them because now the big China Adventure is ready too. Which was welcomed with a big “Jippie!”

In the pictures: Children from the class of Mr. Koppelman.

Kinder beim Testen
Kinder beim Testen
Kinder beim Testen
Kinder beim Testen
Kinder beim Testen


The storyworld of the platform is based on a criminal series where the children Tarek und Freia have adventures and become friends with children from other cultures who desperately need help!
A precious artefact, declared as a world heritage piece by UNESCO was stolen from them or an important natural resource is being threatened in such a way that their lives become endangered. The culprits are:

The King of the Alps, alias Count Heinrich van Johannstein and
his gang.

Exciting and involved, the children are introduced to our multicultural world. In a playful way, they are introduced to the different peoples and their cultures, as well as to the animals and the natural wonders of our planet and at the same time:


The adventures show the children a way in which they can discover for themselves how precious life is. A way that shows them how wonderful it is to share life with friends. Values such as solidarity, willingness to help and openness are the key elements of the adventures, where it becomes clear:

There is injustice in the world, but it is possible to do something about it!

Every adventure starts and ends at the Poetic Service Station in a rural German area. The 10-year old Tarek lives here, with his dog Kito, his mother Fleur, his father Bakai and his grandpa Alfred.

Since the beginning of the school year the 12-year old Freia also lives at the Service station as an exchange student from Copenhagen. She is the granddaughter of grandma Alma, a love from Grandpa’s youth.

Tarek und Freia don’t get always get along and then they seek refuge, independent from each other in the old Unimog from grandpa, Magic Moggie.

With this old truck grandpa at one time participated in the legendary Paris-Dakar Rallye and when grandpa and grandma were still young, they crisscrossed the world in Magic Moggie.

As soon as the children meet in Moggie and they start fighting again, Magic Moggie simply lifts off the dashing truck with them and the dog Kito inside.

Soon after it puts them down in a foreign country where a big adventure awaits them and in the end, they all know for sure:


iphones skew
Turmoil in Shanghai

the Lost Story of the Shadow Puppets


The transmedia children’s platform offers a Storyworld that far exceeds the one-dimensional linear storytelling. Old and new media complement each other and create a fascinating story cosmos, in which an interactive experience is developed across different media.

The platform allows an entry into the Storyworld via any of these medias: web portal, game, radio feature, newspaper story and book series, children’s talk show, web TV children’s series or event.

With online games, quiz questions, creative assignments, archives, web shows and movies through our narrative concept, the children will be encouraged to actively enter the interactive world of experience of the media platform, to develop their own content and to work through the different media, alone, with friends, with family, or in the classroom.

The information page for parents and educators explains the Jippie School Forum that is intended for the use of the platform in primary schools. Our team of teachers, media educators and media experts provides worksheets with the important Jippie-themes, such as enjoying life, social values and multi-cultural habitats, in the form of worksheets.

Web portal

On the children’s web portal JIPPIE.LIFE, life at the Poetic Service Station with the automotive workshop, the Bistro and the expedition vehicle Magic Moggie are shown in drawn illustrations.

On the start page Tarek, Freia and the dog Kito greet the children. They encourage them to get started right away, click on everything, get to know the family and to discover everything that is hiding behind the hotspots at the service station: videos, information boards, interactive features such as the recipe mixer and poem discoverer, puzzles or Grandpa’s picture album.

As soon as the children have clicked on the Unimog Magic Moggie in the backyard and ‘get in’ with Tarek, Freia and Kito, the Children’s Crime Adventure Games begin. In a flash, Magic Moggie takes them all to a foreign culture in a far-away country where the King of the Alps is just getting into mischief …

Landing in Murmansk

Danger Lurks in the Arctic

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The Jungle Children of Sumatra

and the Treasure of the Wrecked Merchant Ship


Every adventure game consists of five online games that encompass the entire thriller with the hunt for the King of the Alps. Sketched scenes between the games continue to tell the story as graphic novels.

The comics prepare the next game and complement the game to a flowing, stand-alone story section. At the same time the children are encouraged to work ahead through the adventure game and to start their own travel journal from the adventure.

At the end of the journey, at the Service station, new features await the children to encourage them to supplement the adventure games abroad with experiences and stories from their own multicultural world at home.

PDF “Goodies” such as postcards from the land of the adventure with texts such as “I have just helped to save a baby orangutan on Sumatra!” are ready to be printed.

School Forum

With the Jippie School Forum and special worksheets our team of media educators, teachers and media experts supports the use of the platform in schools.

The exciting multimedia Storyworld forms the foundation to explore the multi-cultural world in a playful, surfing manner and to discover what Jippie can mean. What do children think is „Jippie“ in their lives and how could things that are not so „Jippie“ be changed?

The class work in text, pictures, drawings, poems as well as films or sound recordings can be published in the web portal of the Jippie School Forum. In the network blog of the forum the children can exchange communication about the school work and gain experience in social media in a protected environment.

In Lower Saxony, the first experiences with the Jippie School Forum are already taking place. An inclusion app is in the works which allows children with disabilities to take part in the adventures. Next to that also a chatroom in the school forum is in the works to make an exchange possible between classrooms, nationally and internationally.


and the King of the Alps' Smuggling Ring


Web show

The web show, as a children’s talk show , is an extension of the web portal and the Jippie School Forum. The weekly planned 15-minute broadcast takes place in a setting of the Service station and is a “Meeting place for all kids”. The moderators of the show are protagonists from the Jippie Storyworld. They take on actual themes from the school forum and moderate them live with children in the studio. Played film fragments clarify the theme of the show. School classes take part as audience.

Of course, with a “Poetic Service Station”, there is also a poem that is highlighted in every show. But where does this unusual name come from? This is how: Father Bakai is not just a car mechanic, he is also a poet!
When he repairs a car, the most wonderful poems come to him! Then Mother Fleur came up with the idea to give away the poem that was formed during the repairs, together with the bill that had to be paid. During poetry readings in the Bistro an excited customer came up with the nickname Poetic Service Station and since that time it has been known as such by everybody.

Radio – TV – Book Series

The central story of the multimedia applications is the children’s adventure thriller on the track of the art robbery gang of the King of the Alps. Central element and main character of the story are the family at the Poetic Service Station.

Every medium tells the central story but each with a different point of view, with new adventures at new locations.

With the online games of the web portal and in the book series distant worlds take central stage, while with the audio books and listening games from the radio series, the focus is on Europe. In the web TV series, the stories play in the German countryside, in the area immediately surrounding the service station.

A mobile phone app serves as a link between the different media and offers direct access to the archives of the web portal, with the picture galleries, videos and information about the world culture and nature heritage of the Storyworld, so they can be used interactively.

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Special events in nature or in the city, in which children participate with friends and family in a live treasure hunt, make the platform adventures a true community and family experience. During the interactive geocaching adventure game, the participants of the event help Interpol to save a valuable piece of art from the hands of the King of the Alps and his gang. Also during the events, the app serves as a link between the portal and the live event. It offers direct access to the archives and the web portal, where important information can be found about the disappeared piece of art, it has tips from Interpol for the hunt of the gang and the track of the event.


The cooperation between our professional team of authors, illustrators, media specialists and digital experts and the school forum team of media educators, teachers and children’s media experts guarantees sophisticated quality, creative contents geared towards children and high security.

The picture shows our media team during a work meeting in 2014

From left to right, starting at the bottom row:
Angela Linders – Author, Producer, Managing Director,
Nina Bittcher – Production Assistant, Andreas Utta – Author, Film Director,
Dr. Henner Merle – Specialist for copyright and media right,
Lucie Benz – Specialist for digital content for children,
Jörg Engster – Specialist for digital conversion,
Martina Rotter-Ahrens – Tax consultant, Steffen Peter – Illustrator,
Bärbel Preisler – German Proofreader, Holger Twele – Lecturer.

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